Constitutional & Election Litigation

Langdon Law has litigated hundreds of constitutional and election law cases throughout the country, handling high-stakes cases involving First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of religion issues, the right to bear arms, life issues, ballot access, petition challenges, recounts, and defending against campaign finance and election law enforcement actions. Simply put, we challenge attempts to stifle individual liberties, and we work to restore constitutional limits on the power of government.

Our firm assists clients in developing innovative or complex legal theories, often long before a lawsuit is filed. For example, we often are asked to advise clients about whether a constitutional challenge can be brought against a statute or whether a regulation is an impediment to a proposed activity or course of action. We also scrutinize proposed legislation and regulations from both legal and policy perspectives.

We are known for being aggressive, resourceful trial and appellate court lawyers and constitutional and election law experts. Not only do we strive for victory each case, but we also seek to address the source of our clients’ legal issues and, if possible, improve the legal and policy environments in which their rights will be determined.